Cholesterol Lowering Diets – A Practical Advice to Control Cholesterol

Stethoscope With Heart by digitalartIncreased levels of LDL cholesterol together with low levels of HDL or the good cholesterol are a big risk factor for heart disease, which if not given medical attention can eventually lead to heart attack and stroke.

As we all know, heart disease is the leading cause of fatality in America and on other parts of world and a poor diet and inactive lifestyle are amongst the top risks factors for heart disease.

On the brighter side, cholesterol levels are pretty much controllable at a certain degree particularly with smoking, being overweight, poor cholesterol lowering diets, physical inactivity and hypertension.

On the other hand, there are also risk factors that we’re unable to control such as increasing age, gender, race and a family history of cardiovascular disease.

For those of you who are unsure of your cholesterol levels or do possess a high level of cholesterol, it’s time to start making adjustments by making simple tweaks to your day-to-day food consumption. Read on below if you have no idea on how to control cholesterol with diet.

Following a healthy diet or a cholesterol control diet can help you reduce cholesterol without drugs.

How to Control Cholesterol with Diet

cholesterol control diet by Michelle MeiklejohnA prompt intervention that you can do at home to control or reduce your bad cholesterol numbers is to modify your diet.

There are several kinds of cholesterol lowering diets and foods that are known to effectively lower LDL cholesterol and there are also diets or certain foods that are specifically for increasing your HDL levels.

One of the most important tasks that you need to do is introduce yourself with the proper kind of diet you should use and on the kind of foods you need to avoid.

Also, you need to be extra keen and be vigilant in watching your fat intake.

Watching Your Fat Intake

It is important to watch out for fatty foods which are commonly seen in chips, cookies and processed foods.

Hydrogenated oils and trans fats are labelled as “bad fats” so you need to double check the food labels and it is highly advisable to stay away from them.

Of course, every human body needs fat or lipids for cellular growth, repair and energy. The good thing is there are also foods that are proven to have high levels of the good fat. Omega-3 fatty acids rich foods contain good fat.

Some excellent sources of good fats are sardines, tuna, mackerel and other cold water fishes and nuts, particularly walnuts, almonds and macadamia.

Instead of ordering a steak in a diner or in a fancy restaurant, you may want to opt for a low-fat, low-cholesterol food like an herbed halibut.

Watching your food intake is a good intervention as well as great preventive measure in controlling your cholesterol numbers. In this way, you’ll be able to preserve all your efforts in lowering your cholesterol.

Making the Right Cholesterol Control Diet Choice

cholesterol lowering diets photo by Suat EmanIf you possess an elevated amount of LDL cholesterol, you need to choose a diet that is high in fiber.

Mainly, your choice of any cholesterol lowering diets should be inclined with lots of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Eating 4 to 5 servings of fruits and veggies plus 3 to 4 servings of whole grains on a daily basis can significantly help decrease your total cholesterol count.

Protein would be an issue here so if you’re having fish or meat on your menu, make sure to use olive oil for preparation and cooking.

Modifying your diet is among one of the top methods to lower cholesterol.

But, a cholesterol control diet alone will certainly not suffice your goal of decreasing your numbers.

Increased amount of exercise, reduced stress, and a quality natural supplement can help you reach the normal levels of cholesterol.

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